Israelites-Scythians-Sacae- Saxons

"It has already been shown, beyond reasonable doubt, that large numbers of the ancient people of Israel were removed by successive Assyrian monarchs from their Palestinian homeland and re-settled in the lands to the south and south-west of the Caspian Sea, in or adjoining territory which was soon to see the rise of a Scythian power. Thus the deported Israelites became engulfed in the constantly moving tide of SCYTHIAN peoples, which comprised elements of several races -- NORDIC, Alpine and Mongol, particularly.

"Out of this 'Scythian' sea of peoples gradually emerged important NORTH EUROPEAN NATIONS of the Christian era. In such a way came the CELTO-SAXON and kindred nations. A positive reconstruction of their migrations has been impossible owing to the fact that a connected written record no longer exists, and ethnologists have been compelled to rely largely on archaeology, folk-lore and saga for such gleanings of knowledge as have been available. Inevitably, there has been considerable divergence of opinion among the scholars who have investigated the matter, with a marked leaning towards the view on the part of early historians that the Saxons were descended from the Scythia SACAE.

"It is significant that modern researches in the lands anciently occupied by these people tend to support the views of those scholars of past generations who were convinced that the Sacae of old and the Celto-Saxons of more modern times are RACIALLY IDENTICAL."

-- Wake Up! May, 1979.

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