A Dominion That Stretches “From Sea To Sea”

Just as Canaan was the ancient name for Western Palestine, the land promised to Israel in the early days, so Canada is the modern name for the western part of that “nation and company of nations” promised to Israel in the latter days (Genesis 17:4-6). Here indeed, is a land of great promise, for with an area of 3,694,900 square miles, Canada occupies one-quarter of the total area of the Commonwealth of Nations, of which it is by far the largest single geographical and political unit.

Canada, the senior Dominion, has become one of the most important commercial centres of the world and a list of her vast exports includes virtually every product known to man. In addition to being the “granary of the world,” Canada is now one of the principal producers of paper, wood, furs, fish and all types of minerals, and her great industrial plants add every type of manufactured article to the formidable list of her exports.

Canada’s virile population has grown to over 31,000,000 and is basically of Celto-Saxon stock drawn from Great Britain, France and many other European countries. Nearly a quarter of her people still speak the language of their hardy forefathers who came from Brittany and other French provinces to settle in Canada in the eighteenth century.

To students of Scripture, the most significant aspect of Canada’s national life is her relations with her great neighbour, the United States of America. Across this boundary, the people of Canada and the United States have lived in neighbourly amity for more than a hundred years, illustrating the sort of peace that “shall be upon Israel” (Psalm 125:5) -- and a foretaste of the happy conditions for all mankind which will obtain when God’s Kingdom shall fill the earth.

The motto on the Canadian Arms, which means “From sea to sea,” is taken from the seventy-second Psalm, verse 8 of which reads: “He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth.

-- Wake Up! September/October 1991

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