Benjamin's Influence in Canada

During the last quarter century, and more, there has been an increasing awareness of civil law jurisprudence, in company with Latin ecclesiasticism, having detrimental influence on the affairs of our Britannic people. There is abundant evidence that those of that persuasion, be they deceived kinsmen or usurpers, have seized the high ground in the struggle for power over the souls of men and of nations and have determined to overrule the traditional British morality which, in its supremacy, guided mankind into a better way.

Strangely, but perhaps not so, this state of affairs was noted early on among our kinsmen overseas by observers here in Britain, evidently not seeing quite so clearly that it was going on around themselves. Notice was first taken of this development in Canada when the rise to influence and power of French Canadians brought consternation to all with any sense of history -- even among the incoming 'rulers' -- changing the traditional foundations of government from that which had nurtured the growth of the Great Dominion and saw it blossom, to the detrimental scenario which followed.

That was a source of great wonderment until it was realized that the European pilot scheme of the globalist lobby had to gain power by strategically drawing our people away from their traditional culture -- throughout the world -- and where better to begin than Canada, where a tenuous kinship with the European French was thought still to reside. We believe it is time that truly 'French Canadians' paused a moment or two in their headlong rush into the cul-de­sac and considered their origins in greater depth. To help them they might begin by perusing with care the following quotation, taken from an article by Dr. Pascoe Goard in the 7th December 1935 Edition of the National Message, p. 771:

"About the middle of the present millennium Bretons and Normans together settled lower Canada and are the French Canadian of today (1935). They are not Latin; they are Celtic and Norman. They are the same people as the Cornish and Welsh, the Highland Scotch and the Northern Irish, and the Normans in Britain today. So that Anglo-Saxon Canada -- so called -- are 'sib to the marrow' as John Buchan and other Celtic writers would say; that is to say, they are of the same race.

"What the Normans have done, and what they are in Britain, in the overseas Dominions, in the British, and also in the United States of America, is well known to all.

"So we open up our biological map and see that Benjamites, Norwegians, Norman, the French Canadian and the British -- in fact all the Celto-Saxon peoples -- are of one kindred, and of one blood.

"So we greet Normandy among the nations of Israel. It is in accordance herewith that the monolith standing before the Parliament House of Norway, there is the lion on the top and four wolves of Benjamin guarding each corner."

In addition we note that Breton is classified by the Encyclopaedia Britannica as a dialect of the Brythonic branch of the Celtic language. Also, according to the same authority, Welsh and Cornish are the other Brythonic dialects and, to quote its actual words: " is suggested that up to 1400-1600 a Cornishman could understand a Breton speaker" (Enc. Brit. 14th Edit. vol. vi , p. 446, article, "Cornish Language").

Further, under the article "Canada" the Encyclopaedia Britannica states: "Norsemen undoubtedly reached the eastern coast, but have left no impress on the physique of the people. Other maritime adventurers had little effect upon Canada" (Enc. Brit. vol. 4, p. 702).

[Propaganda Fide, Congregatio De (congregation for the propagation of the faith of the Romish Church), was constituted at Rome by Gregory XV in 1622; the college in 1627. (Haydn's Dictionary of Dates)].

The propagandist's job is to create a picture in the minds of their victims that will motivate them to actions that will promote the strategy leading to the conquest of the target people.

Hence let us all take care not only what we read but particularly how we read it; and remember: "Not to know what happened before you were born is always to be a child" (Cicero)] (MJB).

-- Frazer Hughes

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